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Lithops 5cm

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    Lithops are small succulent plants that originate from the desert. As such they are very low maintenance but they do need some very specific care. But these make very interesting houseplants and look great in a small display pot with some scattered stones 


    They should be potted with a cacti mix with some extra sand added, to mimic their natural environment. Only water when the media is fully dry and only enough so the top inch or two get wet,you don't want to drown it. Your lithop must be placed in as bright an area as possible to get 4-5 hours of direct early day sun and filtered afternoon sun, as they can still get sunburned. These little succulents need very little or no water in their dormant season, which is late spring through summer, just apply a small amount of water if the lithop starts looking wilted or wrinkly so that it regains its firm shape. Doesn't do well in a terrarium due to the high humidity, it prefers a dry environment. 


    All lithops are individual in colour and pattern so you will be given one from out current stock which may differ from the above image. 


    **Purchase 4 for $10 freight charge, or mix n match with our 8cm succulents and houseplants


    Note: Picture is a guide only, plant size may differ from image.

    Pot not included. 


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