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Mr Fothergills Sandwich Sprouts Seeds

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Plants ordered on Thursday and Friday will be dispatched on the Monday following to avoid dehydration over the weekend.

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    Botanical Name: Medicago sativa, Raphanus sativus, Brassica oleracea

    Alfalfa, radish and broccoli - A healthy blend full offlavour. This healthy, tasty and crunchy blend will bring a special nutty and tangy flavour to sandwiches, enhancing their taste and enjoyment. Good with all traditional sandwich fillings

    We hope you enjoy these spout seeds, just another great example of vegetable seeds from MrFothergill's!

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    How To Grow

    1. Place about 1 tablespoon of seeds in a large jar or similar container.

    2. Cover the opening of the jar with a fine clean cloth and secure with a rubber band.

    3. Add enough warm water to completely cover the seeds and soak overnight at room temperature.

    4. Next day, pour off the excess water through the cloth. Add fresh daily and rinse. IMPORTANT - You need to remove the excess water after you rinse the vegetable seeds. The seeds should be moist but not be sitting in water.

    5. Rinse and drain sprouts at least twice a day to prevent them becoming malodorous. Harvest whenever you need them and sprout new seeds every four or five days for a continuous supply.

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