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Botryzen - Armour-Zen 300ml

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What is ARMOUR-Zen and how does it work?

ARMOUR-Zen has ground up crustacean shell as its active ingredient. Mixed up in water, it is called a soluble concentrate. ARMOUR-Zen, like MIDI-Zen, also kills the fungal disease/pathogens.  So it’s also fungicidal.  It removes the disease from contaminated plants and gardens.  It can be used right up to picking the fruit (no withholding period) as its water based so it can be washed off easily, unlike oil based products.


As it is almost as good at killing the pathogenic fungi, but not the spore, it can be sprayed on when you have a flare up near picking.  It has no withholding period because it is water based, so it can be washed off.

Most fungal diseases come out of hibernation early spring time. They are resident in the soil over the winter time and once the right temperature is attained they start to germinate and spread. Because some fungal diseases show no symptoms until late in the growth stage of plants, and are spread by rain, when they appear it can be frustrating. To reduce the spread of such diseases at this late stage, wait until the next fine day after rain when the target plant has dried off, and then spray ARMOUR-Zen.


And ARMOUR-Zen is also known to boost the plant when suffering (plant elicitor).

It is especially good at controlling Downey Mildew. This disease appears as an angular yellow shape on the topside of leaves, and it is normally associated with cool temperatures and long dew periods, so will spread rapidly in these conditions. So when you see the early signs of disease – spray.

And ARMOUR-Zen is also known to boost the plant when suffering (plant elicitor).


ARMOUR-Zen is registered with EPA and ACVM in New Zealand. An organic version of this product we hope will be available in 2020. It was researched by Plant & Food Research NZ in Hamilton, back in 2004, and became available to commercial growers in 2007.


ARMOUR-Zen leaves no residues, and is manufactured in Dunedin, NZ.

Now just this year we have made it available to the home gardener in our small pack for the gardener with raised garden plots or inside plants. And now we have packaged ARMOUR-Zen in bigger bottles (300 ml) for the gardener with the larger family garden or a large glasshouse.



To mix up a batch of spray mix, first pour some water into your spray bottle, and then add 15 ml of product per litre of water. So if you have a ten litre spray bottle, you need 150 ml of product/or half of the bottle of product. Close the lid and give it a good shake. Top up the spray bottle with water to the desired level, and now you are ready to spray. We recommend a pressure spray bottle be used with our product, and don’t forget to shake the bottle regularly when spraying.



For ornamental flowers, fruiting crops and vegetables apply ARMOUR-Zen when early signs of fungal disease appear, reapply after rain, and when the plant has dried out.



Store ARMOUR-Zen in a cool, dry area, in its glass recyclable bottle with the cap closed tight.


Shelf Life:

ARMOUR-Zen has a two year shelf life from date of manufacture.


Don’t forget when empty, reuse, recycle or return the glass bottle.


More information: https://www.botryzen.co.nz/retail-singles



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