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Bumble Bee Nesting Box 1

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Plants ordered on Thursday and Friday will be dispatched on the Monday following to avoid dehydration over the weekend.

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    Encourage bumble bee queens to establish a healthy colony and watch your garden explode with blossom as a result!


    Please note: The Nesting Box will not fit the Live Bumble Bee colony, it is designed to attract a Queen who will create a new colony. If purchasing a colony you will need the Bumble Bee Abode.


    The current special price of $69 is due to a new and improved Bumble Bee Nesting Box coming soon that has been tested over the past five years and has a 90% uptake rate by bumble bees.


    Encourage a bumble bee pollination on your property with the Bumble Bee Nesting Box and watch the increase of your yields and crop sizes. The Bumble Bee Nesting Box encourages bumble bee queens to establish a colony which in turn will increase pollination of fruit trees, vegetable and flower gardens.


    Surrounding terrain should be well-drained, protected from excessive winds, shade or heat, and a site against a tree or building helps the bee’s orientation. Least successful locations are facing south or placed underneath pine trees.

    Raise the bumble bee abode off the ground about 1” using stones or a couple of small pieces of treated timber. Try sowing some Oderings Wildflower Seed Mix nearby to help encourage birds, bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects.


    Handmade from quality timber sourced from local, sustainable managed forest plantations.

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