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    Wallys Karbyon

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      Karbyon is used not only as a black sooty mould remover but also for the prevention of powdery mildrew on plants. That means it will also help prevent black spot on plants also.

      For either of these uses I would recommend adding Raingard to the spray so it does not wash off in rain for up to 14 days. If using for black sooty mould then do not add Raingard to the spray as you want to wash it off after 48 hours. Thick deposits of black sooty mould may require more than one treatment.

      The cause of the black sooty mould is insect pests such as whitefly, scale, mealy bugs, aphids and thrips all of which feed on your plants and then pee out honey dew. The honey due turns to black sooty mould and also attracts ants.

      You can do one of two things, firstly kill the insects that are causing the problem by spraying Neem Tree Oil and Key Pyrethrum mixed together or you can treat the sooty mould first and then the insects afterwards.


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