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Botryzen - Midi-Zen 300ml

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What is MIDI-Zen and how does it work?

MIDI-Zen has a plant based oil as its active ingredient, which is from soya beans. The formulation is called an oil in water emulsion.

MIDI-Zen can kill the fungal disease/pathogen.  Therefore it is fungicidal.  It removes the disease from contaminated plants and gardens by smothering it and destroying it.  It can even kill the pathogenic spore, which can be very difficult to do.

As it is excellent at killing the pathogenic fungi, and the spore, it reduces the fungal load on your garden at almost any time of the season.  But it can’t be used near fruit picking as it has a withholding period.

Of great importance is that it is one of the few products on the market that can kill powdery mildew effectively and naturally. 


Most fungal diseases come out of hibernation early spring time. They are resident in the soil over the winter time and once the right temperature is attained they start to germinate and spread. It is at this time we need to protect our plants by spraying product on to them with good coverage. In the case of Powdery Mildew it is one of the easier plant diseases to identify, as early signs are quite distinctive. It starts off with very small black spots which can be seen on the underside of leaves and sometimes on the top side. These spots turn into small lesions, and thus begin the spread of the disease. As it spreads it is more noticeable as white powdery spots. Powdery Mildew grows well in low humidity and cooler temperatures and once established is easily spread by wind, and thus becomes a nuisance for the whole garden. So when you see the early signs of Powdery Mildew - spray. MIDI-Zen will eradicate those fungal spores and stop it from spreading.


MIDI-Zen was researched by Plant & Food Research NZ in Hamilton, but has only recently been made available to commercial vineyard growers.It is registered with EPA and ACVM in New Zealand. We hope to have it as an organic input in 2020. MIDI-Zen is non toxic, and manufactured in Dunedin, NZ. Just this year we have made this product available to the home gardener in our small pack for the smaller garden plots or inside plants. And now we have packaged MIDI-Zen in bigger bottles (300 ml) for the gardener with the larger family garden or a large glasshouse.



To mix up a batch of spray mix, first pour some water into your spray bottle. Shake the product bottle to mix up the oil and water emulsion, and then add 30 ml of product per litre of water in to your spray bottle. So if you have a ten litre spray bottle, you need 300 ml of product/or the whole bigger bottle of product. Close the lid and give it a good shake. Top up the spray bottle with water to the desired level, and now you are ready to spray. We recommend a pressure spray bottle be used with our product for even coverage, and don’t forget to shake the bottle regularly when spraying.



For ornamental flowers, fruiting crops and vegetables apply MID-Zen when early signs of Powdery Mildew appear on the leaves, reapply 10 to 14 days later.



Store MIDI-Zen in its glass recyclable bottle with the cap closed tight. So when you use some of the product don’t forget to screw the lid back on tight. Keep it in a cool place.


Shelf Life:

MIDI-Zen has a two year shelf life from date of manufacture.


Don’t forget when empty, reuse, recycle or return the glass bottle.


More information: https://www.botryzen.co.nz/retail-singles



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