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    Oderings Shrub & Tub Mix 25L

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    Oderings Shrub & Tub Mix is a well-balanced, high quality mix suited to meet the growing requirements of most trees and shrubs. Containing a balanced combination of ingredients that include; a blend of fi ne and course bark, a
    wetting agent for even rehydration, and Total Replenish controlled release fertiliser, this is a careful blend of both quick release and long term release fertiliser, with essential trace elements. Oderings Shrub & Tub Mix is PH
    adjusted to suit most plant types.

    Oderings Shrub & Tub Mix is suitable for use in all outdoor planting situations, patio containers, tubs, and raised garden beds.


    Total Replenish
    Powered by Total Replenish, this product contains long and short term complete plant food in NPK and trace elements. The ultimate fertiliser for pots and the garden. Best results are achieved when incorporated into the soil.


    *Can only be purchased in store



    Ordinary garden soil and products like this one may contain micro-organisms, some of which, on rare occasions can cause illness in humans. Serious infection is rare. However, for people with health issues or those with reducedimmunity, infection can be life threatening. 


    We recommend the following precautions:


    • Store out of direct sunlight
    • Open bag outside in a well ventilated area
    • Always wear a dust mask and gloves. Wash hands after use
    • To avoid disturbing the contents, cut bag to open, do not tear
    • Ensure the opening is directed away from your face to avoid inhaling contents
    • Dampen contents to eliminate dust
    • Use entire contents of bag all at once
    • Use within one month of purchase

    See your doctor if you develop a high fever, chill, breathlessness, or cough.


    Available in store only. Prices may vary between the online store and physical store locations.




    Plants ordered on Thursday and Friday will be dispatched on the following Monday to avoid dehydration over the weekend. Our standard shipping times are 2 days for South Island and 3 days for North Island, allow an extra day for rural delivery  *Once the package is with the courier. Please note that all our plants are shipped from our Christchurch base.

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