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Zanzibar Black Knight 14cm

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The new to NZ Black Knight ZZ or Zanzibar. A great low maintenance houseplant that looks great all year round. With new foliage a glossy, bright green, which then turns to a dark purple-black. The foliage stands on tall stems. Also handy to have around the home as it is a natural air purifier. 


Habitat: Can grow to a mature size of 120cm tall. Ideal for indoor pots. 

Light: Can thrive in filtered to lower light conditions.

Water: Only needs watering about once a month as it loves being dry. 

Humidity: Medium / high humidity. Can mist 3 times a week to help with humidity level.

Soil: Re-pot into Oderings houseplant potting mix

Fertiliser: Use a Liquid fertiliser once a month in the growing season

Flower colour: Known as flowering plants, but rarely flowers indoors. 

Pests:  Aphids are most common and can be found on new growth

Poisonous for pets: Highly toxic to pets and humans if ingested.


Extra Tips:

  • Avoid using leaf shine as it can damage the leaves, wipe with a damp cloth to restore the glossy look of the leaves.


Note: Picture is a guide only, plant size may differ from image.

Pot not included. 



These will be available for sale from 8am Thursday 4th November in store and online. 
One plant per person. There are 16 plants at each store and 32 for online. 


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