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Philodendron Pink Princess 8cm

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A hugely popular philodendron, with its bold dark green-burgundy leaves with large splashes and speckles of bright pink. It is a stand out plant, especially as it matures and the leaves grow larger. New leaves emerge a dark olive-green, maturing to a dark burgundy-green with pink tones. The pink princess is a natural climber, and needs a trellis, stake or moss pole to climb up, which also encourages large, healthy new leaves. 


Pink markings vary from plant-to-plant and are unique, so although your plant won't be the exact plant shown, we have hand picked the stock and they all have lovely variegation. 


Habitat: Can grow to a mature size of 1.2m tall. Ideal for pots indoors.

Light: Bright to medium bright indirect light. Do not allow the direct sun to contact leaf. This is to keep high variegation levels while avoiding sun burn.

Water: Water about once a week, allowing the top layer of soil to dry out between waterings.

Humidity: High, mist plant 2 times a week to minimise brown leaf tips.

Soil: Re-pot into Oderings houseplant potting mix

Fertiliser: Use a Liquid fertiliser only once or twice a year, preferably in the spring or early summer.

Flower Color:  Non-flowering

Pests:  Aphids are most common and can be found on new growth

Poisonous for pets: Toxic to pets and humans if ingested.



Other tips: Like many other philodendron, the pink princess likes a support to grow on. Use a stake to support your plant to get maximum leaf growth and size. 

This plant has a smaller root system than most, therefore we do not recommend you pot into a bigger sized pot this season. If you have a fully pink leaf, it is best to remove it, as it will not survive. 


Note: Picture is a guide only, plant size may differ from image.

Pot not included. 




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