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NoPests Madex®2 Bottle size 60ml

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Madex 2 Information guide (Biogro approved)


Control Codling Moth in the Home Garden or small Orchard the Natural Way


Madex 3 has been used in Commercial apple and pear orchards for Codling Moth control for more than 20 years. It is an organic product based on a live organism - the Codling Moth Granulosis virus otherwise known as CpGV. 


Madex 2 is a diluted form of Madex 3 especially formulated for small orchards and home gardeners. It controls Codling moth caterpillars in their earliest juvenile stages before they begin to burrow into the fruit. Once caterpillars have burrowed deep within the fruit, they become impossible to control. Madex 2 will not control adult moths.  Therefore, early application provides the best results. 


The biological preparation Madex 2 contains a naturally occurring pathogen of the codling moth, the codling granulosis virus. This has a highly specific effect on fruit maggots and thus protects bees.  


Codling Moth Life Cycle: There are 4 main stages in the life cycle of a codling moth. First, eggs are laid on the surface of fruit, or a fruit-tree leaf near fruit, in summer (top). Each egg – about 1 millimetre in diameter – hatches into a caterpillar grub (right), which tunnels into the fruit and eats the seeds. The caterpillar develops through several stages, until it is 20 millimetres long after three weeks. In winter it stops feeding and spins a cocoon, which is lodged under the tree bark or in holes in the tree. Early to mid-October the pupa (bottom) develops the features of an adult within the cocoon. The adult (left) emerges in late spring and starts laying eggs after two or three days. Note: The timing of the stages can vary in different parts of New Zealand due to weather temps.  


Timing: Make the first application when codling moth larvae are hatching. This is normally from early to mid-October. Repeat applications at 7 - 14-day intervals till mid-December. A second infestation of young caterpillars may occur in mid-January.


Madex 2 used in consecutive seasons has a cumulative effect in the reduction of the codling moth population.

Madex 2 used in conjunction with The NoPests Codling Moth pheromone traps will improve the level of Codling Moth control. Monitoring of the pheromone traps provides a visual indication of when infestations of codling moth are likely to occur. 


Storage: Store Madex 2 in original closed container at 5°C in a fridge. When not kept in a fridge Madex 2 should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and used within 28 days.

Shelf life: When stored appropriately at 5°C or less, this product should show no significant degradation for 22 months from the date of manufacture.


Transport: The formulation of Madex 2 is very stable, therefore activity of the virus will not be reduced if the product is transported without refrigeration (up to a maximum average temperature of 25°C).




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