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Aquatic Plant Food Tablets 12 Pack

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Traditional methods of direct to the root fertiliser for demand feeders like Iris, Lotus, Tropical and Hardy water lilies have may options.  When investigating products we settled on an aquatic tablet fertiliser specifically blended for pond plants.  These tablets are manufactured by a company dedicated to producing fertilisers for water grown plants.  When used as directed the fertiliser will stimulate vigorous growth, budding and flowering, disease resistance and are not toxic to aquatic animals including fish.


These pond tablets are formulated to quick feed your aquatic plants with all the required micro-nutrients for growth and flowering. The quick release formula offers and easy and effective way to fertilise for 2 - 3 weeks. 


For the best results apply 1 tablet for every 4 litres of aquatic soil, every 2-3 weeks during the growing season. Insert the pellets at least 5 - 7cm from the crown of the plant and around 7cm deep so the fertiliser remains in the soil and doesn't released into the water. Make sure the pellets are full covered by aquatic soil. Repeat feeding till the end of the season when the water cools down. More tablets may need to be applied for gross feeding plants like iris and lotus.  


Tablet fertilisers require a soil base to release nutrients into. Tablet fertilisers should not be introduced directly into your pond.  Adding directly to the pond water may cause nutrient unbalance and algae, with possible ill health to pond life.



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