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Vaporgard 100ml

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Vaporgard helps to protect plants from frost. Basically it is a spray on frost cloth meaning no more covering and uncovering of plants, helping protect to -3 degrees C. 100ml


VaporGard is an emulsifiable, film forming derivative of pine resin. VaporGard is a totally natural product, which is of similar composition to the natural waxy cuticle of the plant. VaporGard is an extremely effective anti-transpirant for all horticultural and ornamental plants.

What is an anti-transpirant?  An anti-transpirant reduces the amount of water lost from plants without interfering with plant growth or normal respiration, thus reducing stress on plants in times of moisture deficits.

Applications of VaporGard will help to relieve drought stress and reduce the need for irrigation. VaporGard reduces transplant losses from desiccation, and will provide a number of beneficial effects when used on fruit and vegetable crops prior to harvest.

All VaporGard anti-transpirant spray applications must be applied to run-off.
No additional spreader is needed with VaporGard.
Apply VaporGard at least one hour during daylight, before anticipated rain. Daylight (UV) for this time period is needed for the protective film to set.
VaporGard dries on plants to form a clear, glossy film, which retards normal moisture loss without interfering with plant growth or normal respiration.
VaporGard beautifies plants by polishing leaf surfaces.
VaporGard will remain on the plant for 3-6 months. However growth dilution at budburst is very rapid. The film does have the ability to stretch three times its initial deposition size but on a rapidly growing plant the film may only be intact and providing protection for up to 7 days. Re-application would then be required to maintain protection.

Frost Protection
VaporGard is a product, which may help with the reduction of frost injury but may not help in all frost situations.

VaporGard reduces moisture loss preventing the plant cells from desiccating and collapsing.  Damage mainly occurs due to cold desiccation and freezing temperatures. VaporGard will reduce the effects of cold desiccation, but will not prevent damage from freezing temperatures over an extended period of time.

VaporGard requires 1-2 hours of UV light before it is effective. If a rainfall event or frost occurs prior to the film drying, no protection will occur.

High water volumes are critical to obtain complete plant coverage.



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