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Growing Potatoes in PotatoPot



A year or so back I saw some amazing PotatoPots on Pinterest and I thought, wow, what a great idea. The reason I believed in these pots was that, although people in rest homes and flats have limited space, it doesn’t diminish the desire to grow and eat fresh produce. After showing this to the Oderings National Drygoods Manager, she went about trying to get these into NZ, and low and behold she did.





The PotatoPot is a two-piece system that allows anyone to grow their own potatoes, which you can harvest regularly. In approximately eight weeks you can begin harvesting your own new potatoes by raising the inner pot to expose the growing potatoes.


Start by filling your pot 2/3 to the top with a mix of garden soil and compost. I also incorporate sphagnum moss into my pot plantings to help with watering. Add a handful of potato fertiliser and mix into the soil. Place your seed spuds (you will need two or three depending on the variety), then fill the rest of the pot with compost. Water in well.


After approximately eight weeks lift the inner pot to observe the development of the spuds. If they look a little undersized, place the pot back in the outer pot and try again in another week’s time. Once you are happy with the size of the spuds, simply use a finger to dig them out. Replace the pot again and wait for more to grow. Sound simple? It really is! Here are a few extra tips to help you along:


  • By raising the inner pot you expose the growing potato for harvest. The plant will continue to produce new potatoes – right up until the arrival of the first frost.
  • Wait eight weeks before you lift for the first time.
  • After eight weeks, incorporate a liquid fertiliser when watering to keep the nutrient level up. The more the plant produces the more feed it will require.
  • Don’t forget to chit your potatoes first. To do this leave them in a warm, light place out of direct sunlight (e.g., a windowsill). Chitting normally takes 2–3 weeks.
  • We recommend you try a superstar potato called Summer Delight in the potato pot. It’s a great producer that doesn’t seem to quit, an ideal choice for this pot.



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