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Yummy Tomatoes


If you are you tired of spending a small fortune on tomatoes that don’t even taste that good then look no further and grow your own! It is a very rewarding way to save money and eat healthily.


Generally I plant ‘Mega Tom’ grafted tomatoes. These are created by merging two different varieties of tomato plants together, the rootstock and scion. The rootstock provides the strength of any grafted tomato; the scion is the part that produces beautiful tasty fruit. A grafted plant can produce at least double that of a normal variety. Because of the strong rootstock grafted 'Mega Toms' have greater disease resistance and therefore minimal spraying is required.




The optimum temperature for tomatoes is 18-22 degrees Celsius; they do not like temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, but will handle the occasional 5 degrees. If planting in pots or bags you should use a size equivalent of PB28 or PB40 planter bag. Tomatoes are sun loving plants. If your tomato fruits are not ripening it is most likely caused by low light levels.



For best results plant in 'Oderings Potting Mix'; this will keep watering manageable and help keep diseases and weeds to a minimum.



Do not fertilise plants until they are one metre tall or start fruiting. We recommend 'Oderings Garden Replenish' or 'Wally’s Secret Tomato Food'.



Water directly onto the soil, not on the leaves as that can encourage disease. Adding a layer of mulch or placing a weed mat around the base can help conserve moisture and suppress weeds. Never keep plants wet, but water regularly to encourage firm fruit. A good point to remember is to water your plant a little less at harvest time; this makes the fruit sweeter and tastier.


Removing laterals

Too many shoots inhibit fruit development, therefore, lateral shoots need to be removed regularly. Once the tomato has reached 1.8m, the top of your stake or the top of your greenhouse, pinch out the tips.




The biggest problem affecting tomatoes and potatoes is psyllid which affects the quality of your potato and tomato crop. If you have had potatoes that have been really small, or tomato plants which looked wrinkled and stunted, then this is most likely the issue. This little nasty insect is resistant to nearly all chemical sprays, making it extremely hard to control. The best cure for these nasty insects is to prevent their arrival on your plants in the first place. I recommend 'Neem Granules' applied at six weekly intervals. Neem is the only product that I never forget to use in our vegetable patch. Yates has also registered 'Mavrick' and ‘Success Ultra’ as a spray to eliminate these psyllids and is the only registered products available for this purpose. Remember when spraying to fully cover the undersides of the leaves. For best results alternate spays in a two week rotation.

Other insects such as whitefly and aphids are also controlled with Neem, but if you’re unsure please bring a few problem leaves (in a bag) to us and we can help to make sure you are using the right product.
For more info read the Tomato Dr article.



The main issue people have with diseases with tomatoes occurs with poor watering or overwatering. Don’t water at night and this will help alleviate the fluctuating temperatures which can cause disease. Most diseases can be controlled by using copper, however for the correct diagnosis, please bring a few problem leaves (in a bag) to us and we can help to make sure you are using the right product.
For more info read the Tomato Dr article




A highly productive truss variety with sweet-flavoured, rich-red 50g fruit.


Beef Steak
Plants are multi-disease resistant and produce high yields of large (approximately 250 to 350g) and very tasty fruit.


Dr. Walter
This is a superior beef steak style tomato producing low acid fruit of 130g and is a vigorous grower and is one of the best tomatoes for the BBQ.


Mega Bite

A heavy cropping and will need al stake to help bear the weight of the large number of huge fruit. Another bonus of growing this little gem is its higher resistance against leaf spot, and viral and fungal diseases. This is a must have for 2011, you'll love it.


Money Maker
Large vigorous plants produce round shaped fruit of about 100g and are one of the most popular varieties. It possesses excellent disease resistance.


New Zealand grown from seed of a favourite old English variety. Its claim to fame is early blossoming and fruit set on bottom trusses, making it ideal for earlier outdoor planting. Fruit weigh 130g.


Red Robin

A true dwarf tomato reaching only 20cm. It produces lots of tasty cocktail sized fruit. This small yummy tomato grows on a neat and tidy plant which requires no staking and is best suited to growing in a container where you can pick the fresh fruit often.


Plum shaped acid free, medium-sized fruit of 100g. An early producing and high yielding plant which is suitable to use for cooking.


Strawberry Bells
Fantastic for salads or snacks, this heart-shaped cherry tomato is high yielding with trusses of 25g weight, evenly coloured tomatoes.


Sweet 100
This is our most popular tomato and is a cherry type - each fruit weighing approximately 13g. It Produces large numbers of blanched clusters of fruit, each cluster producing up to 100 fruits.


Sweet Delights
Round, firm and dark red in colour with average 50g size of cocktail-type tomato. Truss production is high and regular with strong green stems giving this tomato an easy to manage habit.


Sweet Treats

This large, healthy plant produces masses of the sweetest, tastiest, bite-sized tomatoes that you have ever had. It is considered a cocktail tomato but the fruit is bigger than the 'Sweet 100' with an excellent flavour and an extremely high yield. The fruits are brilliant red, round and very uniform. Bred in Europe, the plant offers resistance against virus, leaf spot and fusarium. 'Sweet Treats' can be grown in large tubs or in a well-drained, sunny position in the garden.


The fruit are slightly rounded and weigh about 95g. The plant tolerates lower temperatures and both high yielding and robust, cropping over a long period.


Tasty Treats
Producing flatter round-shaped fruit and weigh approximately 100g. The plant is vigorous and offers very regular, uniform production as well as flavoursome fruit.


Totem A

A dwarf plant, which produces an excellent crop of round, medium-sized fruit with a delicious flavour. Totem has become popular over the last few years as a container plant that doesn’t require staking or pinching out. With a height of 50-60 cm and spread of 30-40cm.This is an early tomato with medium sized – crimson fruit.


Tumbling Tom

An outstanding plant like no other. It is available in baskets from which two plants cascade and produce handfuls of sweet, juicy cocktail-sized two to four centimetre fruits.


Medium rounded 120g tasty fruits. Very early producer with compact height and habit, it is also capable of very high yields and is very easy to grow.





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