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Codling Moth Breakthrough for Home Gardeners: 


Control Codling Moth in the Home Garden or small Orchard the Natural Way.


Madex 3 has been used in commercial apple and pear orchards for codling moth control for more than 20 years. It is an organic product based on a live organism - the codling moth granulosis virus, otherwise known as CpGV.


Madex 2

In 2019 a new product called Madex 2 was launched into the home garden market. Madex 2 is a diluted form of Madex 3, especially formulated for small orchards and home gardeners. It controls codling moth caterpillars in their earliest juvenile stages before they begin to burrow into the fruit. Once caterpillars have burrowed deep within the fruit, they become impossible to control; therefore early application provides the best results. Madex 2 will not control adult moths.


Madex 2 is an organic insecticide and is a Bio-Gro New Zealand permitted input. When Madex 2 is used in conjunction with NoPests codling moth pheromone traps, overall control levels are improved as the traps will pick up adult male moths that are preparing to mate, and the Madex spray will control any caterpillars that have escaped the trapping programme and are emerging from the egg.


The No Pests codling moth pheromone trap is an effective control device for adult moths in its own right, but when used early in the season it is also a useful monitoring device and acts as a visual indicator for potential infestations of codling moth. Simply start spraying with Madex 2 seven days after the first moths are caught in the traps. This will usually be in the last week of September or early October. Repeat applications at 7-10 -day intervals till mid-December. A second infestation of young caterpillars may occur in mid-January.


Madex 2 is completely safe for bees, but make sure your sprayer has been decontaminated with an alkaline laundry detergent e.g. Persil Automatic, and well rinsed out before you spray apples in blossom. Spray residues from prior use of other insecticides could kill bees. Madex is also safe for pets such as cats, dogs and poultry that might wander into the spray zone around trees.


Treat ornamental crab apple trees as well your fruit trees, as these may be a source of codling moth infestation.


When the codling moth trap pheromone lure expires after about 6 weeks of use, a refill pack can be purchased without having to buy a completely new trap.  


Madex 2 contains live viruses and therefore should be stored in the original closed container at less than 5°C in a fridge. When not refrigerated, Madex 2 should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and used within 28 days.


Madex 2 is a very stable product, so the activity of the virus will not be reduced if the product is transported without refrigeration (up to a maximum average temperature of 25°C). However once the spray solution has been made up the Madex 2 container should be re-chilled in the fridge. Re-chilling Madex 2 immediately after use will ensure it does not lose any of its potency.


When stored appropriately at 5°C or less, this product should show no significant degradation for 22 months from the date of manufacture.





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