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Soil – It’s so Important.


I admit, I have cringe worth moments when in I’m in box stores and I see shoppers purchasing cheap soil. People invest precious time, effort and resources when planting a great flower, veggie or ornamental garden, but really before you plant anything the most important investment should start with the soil.


The soil is what helps to give any plant it’s vigour, nutrients and water requirements for life. Please take my advice and purchase the best soil you can afford, your plants will thank you for it with more flowers, faster growth and a bountiful harvest.



What soils to use & when?


Compost - By using compost, you improve the soil structure, texture and aeration and increase the soil’s water-holding capacity. The organic matter in compost provides food for microorganisms, keeping the soil in a healthy, balanced condition. Ideal for veggie gardens, incorporated with other soil medias when planting new plants or to top up the garden.


Potting & Basket Mix – As we use ourselves for houseplant and perennial production this is a high-quality mix suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Ideal for houseplants, bulbs, flower plants, herbs, and perennials. Suitable for use in all planting situations, patio containers, baskets, bowls and raised garden beds.


Shrub & Tub – If we grow a tree or shrub we plant it in this well-balanced, high quality mix suited to meet the growing requirements of almost any tree, shrub, rose or fruit tree. Ideal for use in most outdoor planting situations, patio containers, tubs, and raised garden beds.


Seed Raising Mix – If you are an avid grower of seedlings then you should try using Oderings Seed Raising Mix. This is the exact recipe that we use in our nurseries. With over 80 years of success with growing seedlings you can trust we know the best formula for a high strike rate.


Fruit & Veggie Mix – a combination of Compost and Potting & Basket Mix, with some added potash and other goodies which are essential for growing great tasting, bountiful crops of fruit and vegetables.


We are proud of our soils at Oderings, we use them ourselves every day and give the same great quality to you, our customers.




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