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No More Prickles


Roll on summertime! Longer, warmer days, trips to the beach, barbeques and… PRICKLES!


Around Christmas time Onehunga weed (Soliva sessilis) seeds are out in full force, patiently waiting for our unsuspecting bare feet. Having Onehunga weed can be a sign of sour soil and a low pH. Spiking/aerating the soil to improve drainage and an application of lime can help, but generally it’s best to spray to kill the weeds.


Onehunga weed grows through winter, flowers in mid to late October, and dies in summer. If left to flower, the seeds (prickles) from that flower that don’t end up in somebody’s feet lay dormant in the soil. They then germinate in autumn when the soil becomes moist and start the cycle all over again, so when possible always spray before the yellow flowers blossom. The best time to spray is in springtime when the majority of seeds will have germinated but won’t have flowered yet. A second spray in autumn will reduce the problem for next year.


Selective weed killers kill broadleaf weeds, such as Onehunga, but are safe to use on grass.


Oderings top choice is: 




  • To ensure an even coverage apply to a short, evenly mown lawn under active growing conditions.
  • Spray in warm (not hot) weather in early morning or evening, in calm weather to avoid any overspray or drift onto other garden plants.
  • Always wear gloves and preferably a mask, even when mixing.
  • Do not breathe spray mist.
  • Wash hands and exposed skin immediately after use, always in cold water as warm water will open up the pores on your skin which absorb the chemical.
  • Avoid application prior to rainfall.
  • Read labels and follow instructions carefully so no problems occur, e.g., applying too much and burning the lawn.
  • Avoid contamination of water supply with the chemical, even from an ‘empty’ container.




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