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The Magic of Neem


I love to write about my passion, which is plants, but often I forget to mention the little things that keep our plants looking top notch. What you may not know is that my husband and I are generally self-sustainable with our vegetables throughout the year, and you may find it interesting that in four years we have only sprayed our 30 fruit trees and veggie patch just once for insects. This is all thanks to a product called Neem. This low cost organic product will keep your garden and plants in high health. If you were to invest in just one product this year this is the one I would recommend.



Neem is available in two forms: as a liquid spray or as granules. Both forms control insects both on the plant and in the soil, which makes plants much healthier. I prefer to use the granules, as they are easier to work with.


Neem controls and eliminates insects such as root mealy bugs, root nematodes, grass grub, carrot flies and gall; and when used on cabbages it combats black aphids and caterpillar damage. On tomato plants, it keeps white fly at bay. The good news is that Neem will not affect worms or other good soil life so you can use it with confidence.


For use in containers, sprinkle a tablespoon (dependent on the size of the container) of the granules into the potting mix at the time of planting. With existing pots, or when using the granules in the garden, sprinkle the granules onto the surface and cover with a little extra soil to stop the product going mouldy as it breaks down. Neem is effective for four to six months in pots, whereas in the garden you will need to renew it every one to three months. I reapply it every six weeks in the main growing season. When planting or sowing seeds, work the granules into the top 10cm (also around any plants you wish to protect), reapplying at a six to eight week intervals while the plants are maturing.


Neem is especially good for combating grass grub. Sprinkle granules over a recently mown lawn at the rate of 50-100 grams per square meter, ensuring that the areas where damage has occurred are especially treated as the adult females lay their eggs back from where they emerged. Water the product in well.



Wally’s Secret Strawberry Food with Neem Granules will help produce larger berries than normal; while not only feeding the plants it also assists in the control of nematodes and other pest insects. The high trace elements and mineral content increases the nutritional value of the berries. This strawberry food has ample potash to ensure juicy berries with great flavour.


Wally’s Secret Tomato Food with Neem Granules is a slow release fertiliser with extra additives for tomatoes. One of the secrets of growing top tomatoes is to have a constant, correct nutrient, food source. This Food Has IT. (The other secret is to have an even moisture supply and even temperatures) A great hit with gardeners that have used the product. It also has the added bonus of being blended with Neem Granules so it fees while keeping your plants healthy and pest free.


Neem Granules are also available on their own and this is an amazing product. It is a natural and organic product that prevents and kills nasty insects in the garden. If used at 4-6 weekly intervals you will very rarely need to use any other sprays.


Neem Oil is a botanical oil to assist in the control of various pest insects and some fungal diseases on roses and home garden plants. This is a product you spray onto your plants directly whereas the granules are absorbed through the roots of the plants.




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#1fred04/03/201615:13Is this product registered for edible plants, I don't like to use products that have not been tested

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