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Botryzen - Environmentally Friendly Sprays


Growing your own plants, shrubs and ornamental flowers is becoming increasingly popular with Kiwis these days. But a lot of the effort put in is lost due to spoilage.


Two of the most well-known disease offenders are Botrytis and Powdery Mildew. Botrytis is also known as grey mould and typically results in the loss of the affected plant. This disease is found on all plants, including ornamentals and shrubs. Powdery mildew usually covers the upper part of the leaves and looks like white powder. The wind spreads the disease to flowers when they bloom, and other parts of the plant. If the infection is severe enough, Powdery Mildew can kill your plants.


How can these diseases be stopped?

Protect your plants from infections and increase your yield, at no risk, by buying proven garden disease control products from an innovative New Zealand company, BOTRY-Zen, which strives to work sustainably while also ensuring a top-notch product.


BOTRY-Zen produces three environmentally friendly sprays to apply to your plants to prevent the growth of or kill fungal invaders.

It all began in a research facility at HortResearch (now Plant and Food Research), where researchers were working with the grape industry and found a fungus called Ulocladium oudemansii that could prevent the destructive Botrytis from causing damage and loss in vineyards.


The active ingredient was then sent to a dedicated factory and research facility in Dunedin, which was able to develop and manufacture an easy-to-use product called BOTRY-Zen. This live active ingredient, a fungus, protects your plants from damaging diseases, without penetrating or otherwise damaging them.


The second product, MIDI-Zen, kills Botrytis and Powdery Mildew at the same time. It works at a different time of the season when early disease symptoms appear. The product also helps to reduce the risk of developing resistance and maximises garden protection. Its main function is to kill off Powdery Mildew, effectively and naturally.


The third product, ARMOUR-Zen, is best used when you have a heavy fungal disease infection late in spring, possibly brought about by late season rain.



Plant & Food Research and BOTRY-Zen have continued their relationship to this day in improving and developing these products.

All three products are effective, yet safe and gentle on the Earth. These products do not harm the soil’s ecosystem, and BOTRY-Zen, particularly, gives back to your garden by supplying a protective fungus that will take up residence and work to enrich your soil. All these products do not harm local wildlife or insect life, such as our beloved bees, which are safe when you spray during flowering/pollination time.

Fight the spoilage war in your garden with our next generation, proven, disease control solutions.










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