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Are you in the mood for a textured, low water, low maintenance summer garden?


When most people think of succulents they think of large cacti or big prickly houseplants. However Oderings produce a range of hardy, funky succulents in a range of colours and shapes to suit any garden location.



These range in colour from lush greens to deep and vibrant reds. They form clumps of large colourful rosettes which make them equally ideal for pots or the general garden. They are generally hardy and thrive in full sun, in well drained to sandy soil. Popular varieties are ‘Crimsonette, Noire and Green Wonder.



With their interesting and intense colours and abstract shapes, sedums are the ideal plant to give your garden an architectural look. They also stand out as interesting features in pots. Sedums range from trailing varieties for baskets and rockeries to plush and upright varieties that suit any situation. Trailing varieties include ‘Acre, Goldform and Dragons Blood’. Among the intriguing upright varieties are ‘Rubrotinctum’ (jellybean plant!), Gold digger and Forsteriarium Silverstone to name a few.



Echeverias are a species of succulent that feature colourful fleshy leaves that form tight rosettes. Given the right conditions they will flower in summer producing brightly coloured flowers on tall spikes. We love varieties such as ‘Nodulosa and Zipper’.



Due to the well-drained conditions succulents thrive in and their need for a slow release fertiliser mix, Oderings Shrub & Tub Mix is the ideal potting media to use. Shrub & Tub is made completely from bark (good for drainage) and contains a controlled release nine-month fertiliser to keep your succulents happy and healthy.



You can tell your succulents, either indoors or out, need a water when the leaves start to get wrinkly and dehydrated looking. When succulents are being overwatered the leaves often turn soft and squishy, the colour is translucent and distorted in the leaves, or the leaves are dropping off.


Succulent Tip

From February-March, water your succulents a little less, and from April only water when they look dry. This ensures the succulent starts to use the water they have stored in their leaves, reducing the risk of frost damage. Once frosts have past, start to regularly water as needed.

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