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Helpful Plants for a Happy Home





Not only will your interiors look amazing but you can aid your health by placing house plants around your home and in offices and bedrooms. With the amounts of pollutants in our air, our bodies must adapt to more stress. Scientists have discovered that house plants can bring us many health benefits. This spring we have fresh plants arriving weekly in-store to aid your healthy lifestyle.


Health Benefit #1: Air quality

Since most of us spend about 90% of our time indoors we should consider our air quality. Did you know that one plant can filter a 10-square meter space? House plants can assist in filtering pollutants from our air. They do so by absorbing the toxins and replacing these toxins with fresh oxygen, which in turn gives you and your family clean air to breath.


Health Benefit #2: De-stress

House plants make you feel great too! Plants are known to lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels and provide mental clarity. So minimise your stationary and make room in your office for a desk buddy.


Health Benefit #3: Quality Sleep

If you struggle to sleep well, or wake tired and are not feeling refreshed, why not try plants in your bedroom? House plants in a bedroom space can help soothe the space and purify the air.


Health Benefit #4: Healthiness

House plants contribute to increasing the humidity inside. In conjunction with clean air, a warmer, more humid home makes for a healthier you. It decreases respiratory sicknesses, sore throats, coughs, dry skin and colds.




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