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Step out of your comfort zone this summer and experiment with some of Oderings fresh and funky herbs; after all, fresh is best!




To grow the perfect basil the plant likes a soil which is dry to moist, however they hate having wet feet so you should let the plant dry out between watering. By picking the leave regularly you ensure more growth, and after each six weeks you should pinch out any centre tips to discourage flowering. Basil hates the cold therefor harvest in late summer-autumn.



Both practical and pretty this tasty herb is native to Southern Asia and Northern Africa, but grows all year around here in New Zealand. In summer, plant it in a well-drained shady spot to stop it from going to seed too quickly, this will also encourage good leaf growth. In winter plant in an open sunny place as the sunshine hours are short. The plants take up very little space (roughly 30cm in diameter), so you can squeeze them into a flower garden, or sow them direct into your vegetable garden.



Mint can spread and take over a garden so the best tip is to plant your mint into a pot, and plant this pot into the garden, then the mint will not take over the whole garden. It has an average growth habit of 10-30cm high by 60cm wide, and enjoys a shady, well-drained moist spot in the garden. Mint has been used in a vast number of products in the food industry.



High in vitamins A and C and a great antioxidant, use this family favourite as a garnish, marinade or in a salad dressing. This is another excellent herb for all-season growing and harvest, although it is a little slower during the cooler months.



With so many different types of thyme to choose from it is important to decide what look you’re going for in the garden or what flavours’ you love to cook with. Great flavours’ include common thyme, lemon pizza and more.



Remember to trim your herbs regularly. This will encourage good growth. Also the addition of a regular liquid fertiliser such as Yates ‘Thrive Veggie & Herb’ will help keep the herbs producing well and tasting good. Fresh herbs can also be frozen. Cut up and freeze in an airtight container or glad bag. You can also freeze in ice cubes and defrost when needed.








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