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Growing Feijoas 


Feijoa’s are a versatile evergreen plant that are great for fruiting gardens, orchards, or hedging. They are delicious can come in a range of flavours and sizes. They are so easy to grow and depending on the variety, will produce an abundance of fruit from early autumn until winter. If you have never tried a feijoa, the flavour resembles a mix of pineapple, guava and strawberry. They can be eaten raw, in smoothies, added to backing or made into jam.





There are a few varieties around that are self-fertile, but most varieties are required as semi self-fertile. This means although they may fruit a little on their own, by adding a pollinator they will bear fruit a whole lot better. If you are not sure if your variety is self-fertile, plant a 2nd, different variety or add a self-fertile one to the collection to cover all your bases.



Planting & Fertilising 


When planting, dig and hole twice the size of the pot the feijoa is in. Incorporate plenty of compost and sheep pellets into the soil and back-fill to a height making sure the hole is the same height that the plant was previously before placing it into the hole. If you have issues with drainage or clay plant into a slight mound, this will help water to drain away. Feeding plants in summer is essential to provide bigger crops and if your tree is not fruiting well its often due to a lack of food, or not having a pollinator. In the garden feed every summer with Oderings Citrus & Fruit Tree Fertiliser, and for pots use Oderings Total Replenish. If you like to garden naturally, incorporating sheep pellets is ideal, as is using Oderings Ocean Grow.





Unique – By far our most popular feijoa. As a self-fertile variety, Unique is a prolific bearer of fruit from a young age. Medium size fruit with smooth, soft, and juicy flesh. Early season. If you only have room for one Feijoa tree, plant Unique as it was the only truly self-fertile variety. Grows to 2m.


Takaka - A new variety on the block for 2020, and one we recommend to all. This variety is a very early fruit bearer with large fruit that have a delicious, rich tropical flavour. We believe it will become the Feijoa of choice for home gardeners, especially in marginal areas like Christchurch where the fruit needs to mature before early hard frosts begin. Early fruiting and self-fertile with medium to large, oval, textured fruit with a firm, not too gritty flesh. Grows to 3m.


Sellowiana – Are seedling grown trees which means they will only sometimes fruit. The fruit has a somewhat small and sour flavour. This variety should, in my opinion, only be considered for a hedge or to help cross pollinate other varieties. However, because they are seedling growing, they are often by the far cheapest feijoa on the market. Height to 3m.


Golden Goose - This palm-sized fruiting feijoa offers oversized fruit in May/June, weighing around 200g each and silver-green leaves make it a modern specimen plant, with showy flowers around Christmas.


Bambino - A great plant to consider as a loosely trimmed boxed hedge. The plant has small leaves, and it flowers and produces fruit only 2 years after planting. No need to pack a spoon in the lunchbox, as the skin is edible.


Apollo – Medium to large fruit with large oval fruit and smooth skin. Early season. Vigorous grower to 4m.


Kaiteri – A very early ripening variety with large, oval, very sweet fruit. Grows to 2-4m.


Mammoth – A favourite of many with the large oval fruit which has a great taste. Ideal for jams, stewing, desserts of eating straight from the tree. Height to 3m


Triumph – Produces medium sized fruit with firm skin and good flavour. Slightly gritty, juicy and moderately soft flesh. Late season bearer. Height to 3m.


Opal Star – A late season variety with smooth dark skin with fabulous right and aromatic flavour. Compact, slow growing plant with a bushy habit, making it ideal for hedging. Height 2-4m.


Kakariki – An exceptionally early season variety with very sweet and large fruit. Height 2-4m.


Arnie (Arhart) – If you are trying to get kids to like feijoa’s then try this variety. Super juicy with a mild flavour. Height to 3m.








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