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Planting Asparagus


If you have a section of permanent space in the garden, then asparagus is a great crop to consider. Once established, asparagus plants are very long lived, and can produce crowns for up to twenty years. Don’t worry if you’re in an area where you get frost as asparagus dies down each winter and will produce new shoots or spears in the spring.


Light soils are preferred, so the spears can easily push through the soil surface. Before planting the crowns prepare the soil to the depth of a spade by digging in liberal quantities of compost then adding a general garden fertiliser.  If you have acidic soils, then a 

light dressing of garden lime will be needed.


In the first growing season set crowns 7-8cm deep and 45cm apart at the bottom 

of a trench. Then fill the trench with an initial 5cm of soil. Add more soil as the asparagus starts to grow.  Water regularly and give liberal dressings of a high nitrogen fertiliser such as Oderings Garden Replenish in summer to encourage vigorous top growth.  In winter, cut the dry yellow fern down to ground level and fertilise again to encourage spears in spring.



Do not cut any spears in the first season of planting. Spear number numbers increase each year as the plant grows older (reaching full bearing in four to five years). In the second year, start cutting the spears as they appear (generally in August or September depending on where you live).  Harvest spears every day or two and continue cutting for eight to ten weeks.


The asparagus spears are now available at all Oderings stores or online here. Happy planting!



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