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Feed the Birds


The sight and sound of birds is a signature of New Zealand’s wonderful gardens. Putting out wild bird food will attract more birds to your garden. It is a great way to encourage children’s interest in nature and the outdoors, and can provide a great deal of pleasure. Also by attracting birds to your garden you will effectively reduce the number of pesky insects because birds are their natural predator.


More than 70 of New Zealand’s native bird species are on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red list of threatened species. If we do not want this list to grow, we must care for the wild birds that visit our gardens, especially during the winter months, when food is scarce and the weather is cold.

What can I feed the birds?

Oderings stock the Wild Bird Energy range of products, which will keep both native and introduced birds happy. Wild bird seed is the most commonly fed food supplement. It is suitable for many birds, including finches, sparrows, rosellas, doves, pigeons, and yellowhammers.

Wild Bird Nectar suits New Zealand’s native nectar-eating birds, such as bellbirds, waxeyes, and tui. Be sure to use it especially during autumn and winter, since nectar is least available then.

The British have produced a Wild Bird Energy food based on suet (fat), which provides a great energy source for birds. The ideal time for feeding these products is in autumn and winter. Almost all birds will devour these treats.

Gourmet treats, available as a hanging treat or a table cake, contain a mixture of fats, fruit, and seeds that appeal to all bird species. The key ingredients in the Wild Bird Energy range of products are vegetable fat and peanut flour, flavours that birds love. There is no palm oil in these products.

Feeding tips

Providing a clean feeding area is crucial to preventing the spread of diseases. If providing water or nectar, ensure it is replenished regularly and is kept in a cool area of your garden.

Keep feeding tables and water dishes/baths off the ground. You need to ensure they are not placed where bird droppings could contaminate them, i.e., not directly under trees or where birds are likely to perch.

Help nature and bring the wild birds to your backyard with a range of energy-rich nectar, seed, and suet (fat) wild bird food and feeders, all available at Oderings stores or online at www.oderings.co.nz.


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