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Sack Cushions

You will need:


  • Sack

  • Paintbrush

  • Scissors

  • Measuring tape

  • Paint

  • Cushion inner

  • Ruler

  • Sewing machine


Step 1

Unstitch sack at seams, turn front faces together. Rule out the desired cushion size on the wrong face and cut shape out.


Step 2

On one of your front faces rule your desired decorative pattern and place masking tape down. We have used a cross and classic ticking styles.
Paint the inside of the pattern. I have used a test pot paint. If you are using this cushion in an area that’s going to have high use, then try a fabric paint. Play around with a thick coat or a streaky effect.


Step 3

Once the paint has dried for at least 4 hours you may remove this and can start to pin your cushion.


Step 4

Place the front faces together and pin three sides. Leave one side unsewn as you will be hand sewing this after you insert the cushion filling. Sew the sides with a 2cm allowance from edges.

NOTE: Sacking is very thick so we would advise you only attempt this on a hardwearing machine and replace your needle after this project. If you are cautious of your machine, don’t worry try hand sewing - it works.


Step 5


Once sewn turn the cushion the right way out so your front faces are visible. Iron down the seams for a clean finish and insert your cushion filling. Close your opening by hand sewing this shut. 


Enjoy playing around with different styles. This is perfect for your warm winter colour pellet.










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