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Make your own scarecrow

You will need:

  • 8m 2-inch stake (vertical)
  • 1m 2-inch stake (horizontal)
  • 2 nails or tek screws
  • Hammer for nails or drill for tek screws
  • Hot glue gun
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Pea straw
  • Fabric to make the head
  • Clothes (long sleeve shirt and pants or overalls, gumboots)
  • Rope belt or suspenders
  • Accessories (paint, buttons, fabric patches, etc.)


Step 1: Build Your Crossbeam

Secure the stakes together with two nails or tek screws. Nail or screw 2cm apart to prevent the horizontal stake from spinning.


Step 2: Construction of Shirt

Place the shirt on the stand and tie string around the waistline. Next tie the wrists of the shirt around the crossbeam. Start stuffing pea straw into the neckline until plump.


Step 3: Construction of Pants

Make an incision in the crotch of the pants and insert the stake through the gap. Tie the leg ends at ankle height with string and fill with straw. Leave 30cm at the bottom of the stake to hammer your scarecrow into the ground.


Step 4: Placement

Chose a position near crops that are most vulnerable. Hammer your scarecrow into the ground and make sure it’s sturdy.


Step 5: Construction of Head

Use fabric to create a sack. Fill with pea straw until firm. Loosely tie off with a string.


Step 6: Decoration of Head

On a flat surface, decorate your scarecrow’s face using your selected decorations, making a mouth and eyes.


Step 7: Attach Head Securely

Place your scarecrow’s head over the stake and tie off tightly with string.




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