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Leafcutter Bee Cocoons Spring 2019

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All online orders are for delivery throughout New Zealand only, prices may vary between the online store and physical store locations.


Plants ordered on Thursday and Friday will be dispatched on the Monday following to avoid dehydration over the weekend.

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    Please note: You are purchasing the 2019 season of Leafcutter Bee Cocoons. The Leafcutter Bees are currently out making their cocoons. Simply redeem your card online & they will be dispatched by September 2019. 


    Gardeners are often missing out on proper pollination due to lack of bees, but a single female leafcutter bee visits 10,000+ blossoms per day compared to a honey bee of 50 – 1000 blossoms per day. This means in some situations they pollinate 100% more effectively than honey bees.


    Gentle-natured Leafcutter bees are generalists; meaning they don’t stick to certain blossoms, they like to pollinate whatever they find and like. They pollinate most blooming garden fruit, vegetables and various flowers. Leafcutter Bees will emerge from their cocoons in Summer and it is dependent on the temperatures when they will emerge. Male leaf cutters emerge first and a week or two after the females will appear. News about solitary bees is becoming a hot topic and Leafcutter bees are now in high demand.


    No protective gear is required and Leafcutter bees are perfectly safe around children and pets! And do not have the same upkeep (or cost) as honey bees.


    The bee cocoons contain dormant Leafcutter bees. The cocoons should be housed in a Leafcutter Bee House to ensure long term survival of the breed. The houses have been purposefully designed to fit the cocoons.  


    Quantity: 50 approx bees cocoons


    Please note: Oderings Garden Centres do not stock or transport live bees. Instead you are purchasing a special code which can be redeemed through BeeGAP, who will then organise delivery of the bees.


    Shipped in specially designed box to ensure healthy bees.


    Delivery cannot be to P.O boxes.

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