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    Johnsons Snow Pea Yakumo Seeds

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      A purple flowering variety producing large flat pods to 13cm long.
      Incredibly tender and delicious, eat pod and all. The stems and
      leaves of immature plants are commonly used as a vegetable
      in Chinese cooking.



      When: Autumn and Winter, Spring too in cooler climates.
      Where: Direct into well-prepared bed in sunny position.
      How to Sow: In flat trenches 15cm (6in) wide, 5cm (2in) deep. Fill trenches with soil and gently firm down. If soil is damp no further watering is required until seedlings emerge – 7-10 days.
      Care: Support plants with canes or trellis to aid growth. Protect from birds and keep weed free.
      Harvest: As you need.
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