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    Tui Organic Seed Raising Mix - Biogro Certified 15L

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      Nurturing plants from seed means you can take pleasure in knowing you have maximised the natural goodness in the plants you have carefully raised. Tui Organic Seed Raising Mix is BioGro certified, and provides your seeds with a 100% organic start to life. Crafted from natural resources including bark fines, peat and fine pumice, with the healthy additions of a slow release fertiliser and disease suppressant, this mix is designed to ensure your seeds get the very best natural start to life.


      Use in seed raising trays, your garden, containers and pots and enjoy the unparalleled satisfaction that comes from growing your own, from seed.



      • 100% weed free.
      • Made from 100% certified inputs.
      • Natural disease suppressant helps protect seedlings from common diseases.
      • Suitable for use in seed raising trays, garden beds, pots and containers.
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