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Poinsettia 10cm

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    (lobster flower, flame leaf flower) (houseplant)


    Native to Mexico the botanical name for poinsettia is Euphorbia pulcherrima meaning ‘very beautiful’. Although many people mistake the vibrant red, pink or white leaves as flowers, they actually are bracts (leaves); the true flowers are the tiny inconspicuous yellow clusters at the top of the plant.


    Given the right care poinsettias will retain their vibrant beauty for 2-3 months and are a festive way to decorate your house this Christmas.


    Always place them in a warm, filtered light position (not direct sunlight as this will change the leaves to green). Avoid draughty, cold, air-conditioned rooms as it will encourage them to defoliate. Do not fertilise when your plant is in full bloom, or allow your poinsettia to wilt, watering only when dry. Ideally poinsettias require daytime temperatures of 16 to 22 degrees Celsius and night temperature of around 10 degrees. Once the Christmas beauties have finished flowering the best thing to do is discard and buy another the following Christmas. But if it is a challenge you are after and are keen to revive it for another Christmas, then these are the steps you need to take.


    When flowering is finished prune to 10cm from the base and place in a shady position. Give only enough water to prevent plant from completely drying out. In August re-pot into Oderings Potting Mix and start to water again (only when dry), and feed fortnightly with Liquid Nitrosol.


    From September to November plants require alternating periods of light and darkness. At 5pm each night place your plant into a cupboard or closet and leave it there for a minimum of 12 hours. In the morning bring the plant back out into full light again. This process is required to be done for 60-85 days. If plants are exposed to artificial light when daylight has finished the plant will have leaf and stem growth without the beautiful colour.


    If this sounds like too much hard work your local Oderings store will have them every Christmas ‘looking very beautiful’ for you to take home and enjoy without the fuss.


    Please note: Plant will not arrive as pictured.


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