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Bee Friendly Gardens




BeeGAP (Gardeners Adding Pollinators) is a nationwide initiative of Creative Woodcraft Ltd. In a large-scale social movement, BeeGAP is urging Kiwis to encourage and introduce pollinators to gardens and public spaces, as well as providing habitats and spreading the important message of pollination.


Reaching out to every gardener, green-finger beginner and nature enthusiast, the BeeGAP movement helps to raise awareness around the vital importance bees and other pollinators have in ensuring the successful future of our food crops and gardens across this great country for generations to come.


And here’s where you come in...


Partnering with Oderings Garden Centres, BeeGAP is delighted to introduce a wide range of pollination-based products, both bee, bird, butterfly and conservation related, – now available in store and online. From bee habitats and bee baths to bird feeders and butterfly shelters and much, much more, Oderings is excited to offer everything you need to welcome these great pollinators to your place.


Adding to this opportunity, gardeners now have the unique option to purchase live bumble bee colonies or try their hand at raising the wonderfully gentle-natured leafcutter bees – a perfect way to get involved and play your part in a home-grown solution for everyone. 






Bumble bees


More common to the astute gardener, the bumble bee is a hardy pollinator from spring to late autumn. Mild-mannered by nature, these bees make for efficient workers in your garden, noticeably pollinating your crops and flowers as they go.


Belonging to the genus Bombus, the bumble bee works in perfect harmony with leafcutter bees and other bee types, foraging even in the coolest of days, whether rain, hail or shine.


By placing Bumble Bee Nesting Boxes around your garden, you are helping to provide a suitable nesting habitat for the queen bee as she seeks to start a new colony, further helping to increase pollination in your community.

Better still, why not introduce a live bumble bee colony at your place and spend countless hours of leisure watching their activity as they depart and return to their abode


The hand-crafted Bumble Bee Abodes are custom designed to house these live colonies, taking pride and place in any garden and providing a safe solution to increase pollination at your place.


To order your own live colony, ask Oderings staff how to purchase a redeemable card in any store, or online.






Other great pollinators

But the fuss isn’t only about bees. Be sure to encourage butterflies, birds and ladybirds to your garden too, with specifically designed products to help increase pollination activity from season to season. In fact, any wildlife is beneficial to your garden, and this is something worth remembering.

Complimentary with all products, customers can visit www.beegap.co.nz for comprehensive access to the online learning resource with lessons, blog posts and product installation guides.


Get involved; encourage and introduce great pollinators at your place

With so many super options available, what are you waiting for? Get involved today and open your garden to a world of pollination possibilities. Simply visit any Oderings Garden Centre branch, or go to www.oderings.co.nz




  • Increase garden pollination (fruit trees, flowers and veggie plots)
  • A great talking point in any garden
  • Help raise awareness of solitary bees and other important pollinators
  • Easy to set up, maintain and reap rewards


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