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Preventing Leaf Curl


Leaf curl is a fungal disease mainly affecting peaches, nectarines, and other stone fruit in spring. Unfortunately by the time we notice it in spring, it’s too late to fix the problem. Still, I would recommend picking up any fallen leaves and to use the ‘miracle’ products that you will read about below. As with all good gardening practices, prevention is key. Leaf curl winters over on the plant, so to eradicate the disease you must spray at three critical times. 


  1. When the plant is dormant during winter (i.e., it has no leaves), spray it with Lime Sulphur, Liquid Copper, or Champion Copper. (Note: Don't use Lime Sulphur on apricot, pear or apple trees as it is said to cause russet.)

  2. Just before bud burst (i.e., when you see green swellings along the branches), spray with Champion Copper or Liquid Copper.

  3. After the petals fall, leaving tiny fruit behind, spray a third time, again using Liquid Copper or Champion Copper.


A few years back I had given up hope on two unusual but delicious fruiting trees, one being a nectarine and the other a peach. I am meticulous about spraying at the appropriate times, but still these two trees were affected with this disease year after year, which I found disheartening. I was speaking to a work collogue a few years back, saying that I was considering ripping out these trees, and she recommended using Magic Mulch.


Magic Mulch is a combination of nature’s two most beneficial growth aids: sphagnum moss and seaweed. I incorporated Magic Mulch into the soil around my two problem plants, and they have thrived. (Yes, like a miracle, they have had no leaf curl for three years running.)


I go a step further and add either Ocean Solids or Ocean Organics every three months to feed the trees and to stop the leaf curl. Both of these products provide nutrients and minerals from the sea. These three products, along with my Neem Granules, help me maintain my garden, keeping our 30 fruit trees and our huge vegetable patch insect and pest free.


If you have a problem with leaf curl or just want to have healthier plants and fewer insect problems, use any or all of these three products this year, and if you have any comments or questions email us at info@oderings.co.nz.




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#3Vanessa05/10/201609:18With the magic mulch, do you just use seaweed from the beach? and where do you get sphagnum moss? Thanks
#2anagenna31/08/201421:22Nasturtiums under the peach trees seem to have an effect too!
#1Debbie10/08/201412:30We had trouble with leaf curl on our peach tree in Timaru for years and as we prefer not to spray, discovered that growing runner beans up the tree completely eradicated the leaf curl! Definitely worth a try.
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