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The garden centre at 6 Sexton Road, Chartwell, Hamliton was bought by Oderings in 1998.


The branch is managed by Tanya Shkardoon  who is dedicated to providing quality service and top notch plants.


Hamilton was once out in the whop whops, but now is surrounded by lots of new lovely subdivisions. Hamilton has a great base of regular customers, and as this lovely city grows, we see more and more new faces.


Oderings Hamilton has a massive range of Landscape products by the scoop, and also offer a courtesy trailer hire upon request.


Within the next few years we hope to be giving this store a new facelift by re-doing the shop, car parks, landscape area and general garden centre.



Hours: 8am - 5pm, 7 days

6 Sexton Road

Hamilton 3210

New Zealand

Phone: 07 855 6064



Oderings Limited

Head Office, 92 Stourbridge Street

PO Box 33-125, Christchurch 8244

Phone: 03 332 9099

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